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  I am originally from Kentucky, married for 37 years. I've been a born again Christian for 38 years and have been in Ministry for many years! 
  I am also a Radio Host of a weekly Ministry program called Throne Room Ministries on  8 Radio Stations.
 We are in 9 States encouraging the Multitudes through the Written Word Of God! 
 I bow my knees to Christ my Holy King who has enabled me through his holy grace to reach out to you in kingdom encouragement bringing hope and
spiritual life through the experiences that I have personally walked in.
   My journey as a born again Christian has been one of great kingdom bliss but also one of great sorrow and suffering after all that to was the life of our wonderful Lord. In all my sufferings I've learned to cling to the throne of God and hold on to every word of my King. I love my life in the Spirit of Christ and I embrace my covenant place in him for only there resides the hiding of his power and the explosion of holy love fire which keeps me inflamed in the fire of his ministry desire.
   I am a 28yr. flight attendant at Northwest/Delta Airlines where I fly high with the most high all the time. I was placed in the airline for God's kingdom plan and I have humbly bowed my knee to covenant assignments that come before me. Rich wisdom has blazed its path before me in my company and each step has been ordered by the Lord so I walk in total surrender knowing that his rewards are higher than the heavens. 
    I ministered nine  years in two state prisons in Michigan. I dearly love prison ministry, the Holy Spirit always moved very powerfully in explosive Revival and many miracles took place and many souls were saved, set free and was set on fire by the power of our transforming Lord!!
   I love the heart of ministry on all levels! I have learned that a life dedicated to the ministry of souls will always erupt in the golden kingdom covenant blissful knowledge and its  faithful rewarding wisdom in the service of the Master. 
  My true hearts desire for you is to draw as much kingdom life from this website and discover all your gifts and talents that have been sent down from the Father of lights and with each new discovery you will grow up powerfully in the wisdom and knowledge of God who will make all things new and  rewarding for you.
    My testimony is  featured in a Book in chapter 10 of The Samaritan Woman Testifies by Author Susan J. Perry, available at
    I am  featured in a second The Woman Touching The Hem Of His Garment 
 I am in Chapter 8.
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Throne Room Ministries 
P.O. Box 132 Coldwater MI 49036
 Phone: 517-677-9017
      My very life is all for the Glory of God and the harvesting
of souls for our Precious Savior Jesus Christ!!
                     Investing in lives, one heart at a time.
                                                                      In His service, Sherry Caudill
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